UCCF Annual Events Calendar

     UCCF can provide grants to local community organizations because of the support of people like you.  When you attend one of our fund raising events you know that the profits raised will be returned to the community.

     Mark you calendar now for the 1st Annual UCCF Trivia Night on March 8th, 2020!  Check out the flyer below for details.

     We are always looking for volunteers who want to help organize fund raising events to support our mission.  If you like to plan events to bring people together to build community, let us know at uccf.info@gmail.com

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Congratulations to our 2018 Grant Recipients

     The University City Community Foundation (UCCF) has awarded nearly $14k to eight community organizations in its first round of award funding. The grant awards will support projects in University City that build community and enhance the lives of residents.


    The organizations selected for awards in UCCF’s first round of funding are listed below.

  • Crown Center for Senior Living (Senior Arts Program) $2000

     Crown Center requested funds to expand the Senior Arts Project. Their goal was to utilize the arts to enhance the lives of lower income older adults- helping them to remain active and independent. Research shows that seniors who are involved in the arts are in better health- and are more social - than those who are not. The desired benefits will be achieved by utilizing our modest, accessible arts studio and an enhanced menu of "barrier free" art classes, workshops, interest groups, and outings targeting the population of elderly University City residents we serve.

  • Women in Charge (Adult Literacy) $2000

     Women in Charge helps women in crisis find the skills and strengths they need to take charge of their lives. We specialize in serving women who have dropped out of school and cannot succeed in standard literacy or job training programs because of underlying emotional and life challenges. Our mission is to heal the spirit, build confidence, and educate women so that they can provide a better life for themselves and their children. In a safe, supportive, and enriching environment, women achieve the life and learning skills they need to improve their literacy, stabilize their families, and become self-sufficient. Through our Children's Program, we work to prevent child abuse and neglect and break the intergenerational cycle of illiteracy. 

  • University City Swim Club (Diversity, Scholarships) $2000

     These funds created a Scholarship Fund for University City Youth who want to swim with University City Swim Club (UCSC). UCSC already offers high-quality swimming instruction, including learn-to-swim lessons, skills-based instruction, and coaching for competitive swimmers; with these funds, we could welcome more University City youth, regardless of ability to pay. These funds would help UCSC's membership better reflect the community in which it resides, and in so doing, I) enable more University City youth of color to become water-safe, and 2) encourage cooperation among youth of different races, organically reducing prejudice through the relationships built from teamwork. 

  • University City Education Foundation (Teacher Projects) $1000

     The University City Education Fund (UCEF) requested funding to support its Teacher Grants and Pride Projects. Every year, UCEF awards approximately 15-20 grants of up to $1,000 each to teachers in the school district who have applied for innovative classroom programs and equipment not provided by the school district. The Foundation also funds projects at each school in the district called Pride Projects, which provides principals grants of $1,000-$2,250 for one or more projects that have an impact on the whole school, benefitting as many students in the school as possible. 

  • Midwest Association of Farmers Markets (Student Employment) $2000

     The purpose of this grant funding was to further expand and develop MAT-Pro, our Market Assistant Training Program at the Midtown Farmers Market in University City. MAT-Pro is an experiential training and work program for high school students. Through a well designed curriculum and actual work at the farmers market, high school students learn about and become skilled in all aspects of farmers market work. 
From market operations, marketing & signage, customer service, food safety to actually staffing a market food booth, MAT-Pro offers an experiential learning opportunity that prepares students for future employment and entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • Sutter-Meyer Society (Facility Improvements) $1725

     The funds requested by the Sutter-Meyer Society were used  to totally replace, stabilize, and paint the center two posts at the front of the Sutter-Meyer Farmhouse. The organization was formed to preserve University City's oldest surviving house. Since 2006 we have been raising money, not only to make repairs, but also to add improvements to allow public access to this historic structure. A working bathroom was added as well as a wheelchair ramp on the north side of the house. We continue to work diligently to preserve this historic treasure of University City for its citizens, adults and children alike, and for the future. 

  • University City Parks Foundation (Swimming Pool/Recreation Equipment) $2000

     The University City Parks Foundation requested funds to purchase replacement seating for Heman Pool and a floating stand alone water play product. By preserving the minimal standards of seating and providing additional water feature toys, Heman Pool can continue to attract and grow a community of people, including youth and older adults, vested in University City pride and belonging. 

  • Real Talk, Inc. (Event support) $500

     Every year Real Talk Inc has an Annual Banquet free of charge to the participats. The purpose of the banquet is to recognize our University City youth for their academic  artistic accomplishments. Students perform oral presentations, plays, stage readings, songs and dance. In 2017, over 150 participants including 30 + University City students. In addition to the annual banquet, Real Talk Inc provides a free after school mentoring program every Wednesday at Pershing Elementary School for University City students. 


​The UCCF grants are made possible by profits from the annual Fair U City. The original vision of the Fair U City founders was to establish a foundation that would use proceeds from the fair to support community projects that would improve the lives of University City residents. UCCF was established in December 2016 for that purpose. UCCF is governed by an all-volunteer board of directors.